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System Setting: Managing Ringtone and Wallpaper

Samsung Web API enables you to access the device's settings for the home and lock screen wallpaper, the incoming call ringtone, and email notification tone using the SystemSetting API.

The following table lists the supported system setting properties.

Table: Available properties
Property Description
HOME_SCREEN Provides information about the home screen image of the device.
LOCK_SCREEN Provides information about the lock screen image of the device.
INCOMING_CALL Provides information about the incoming call ringtone sound of the device.
NOTIFICATION_EMAIL Provides information about the notification email tone sound of the device.
You can change the home and lock screen imagesand modify the incoming call ringtone and notification email tone sound by using the setProperty() method of the SystemSettingManager interface. Similarly, you can get the information about them by using the getProperty() method.