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System Information: Accessing Device-Specific Information

Samsung Web API enables you to access the device's system properties (both hardware and capability) using the SystemInfo API. You can obtain various device and system details, such as the current battery level, amount of available storage, and state of the cellular network connection.

The main features of the SystemInfo API include:

The system properties are defines as subtypes of the SystemInfoProperty interface. The following table lists the available subtypes, and the related PropertyId type values.

Table: Available properties
Property PropertyID Description
SystemInfoBattery BATTERY Provides information about the battery level and charging status. With this property, you can, for example, determine whether the application can be launched or whether the user needs to be warned about the level of power available for the device.
SystemInfoCpu CPU Provides information about the CPU load, allowing you to determine the efficiency of an application.
SystemInfoStorage STORAGE Provides information about the currently connected data storage devices and their details, such as available capacity. With this property, you can, for example, allow the user to select which available storage they want to use, and determine whether the storage in question has enough free space for the actions the user wants to perform.
SystemInfoDisplay DISPLAY Provides information about the device display, allowing you, for example, to determine the resolution of the device to layout your application optimally on runtime.