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Receiving Notifications on Message Storage Changes

To create engaging applications with various messaging features, you must learn to receive notifications when messages and message folders are added, updated, or removed:

  1. Define the needed variable:
    /* Watch identifier */
    var watchId;
  2. Define the event handlers for different notifications using the MessagesChangeCallback listener interface:

    var messageChangeCallback = 
       /* When messages are updated */
       messagesupdated: function(messages) 
          console.log(messages.length + " message(s) updated");
       /* When messages are added */
       messagesadded: function(messages) 
          console.log(messages.length + " message(s) added");
       /* When messages are deleted */
       messagesremoved: function(messages) 
          console.log(messages.length + " message(s) removed");
  3. Register the listener to use the defined event handlers:
    watchId = msgService.messageStorage.addMessagesChangeListener(messageChangeCallback);
  4. To stop the notifications, use the removeChangeListener() method of the MessageStorage interface:

To provide notifications for changes in specific conversations or message folders, use the applicable methods and event handlers similarly as above.