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Retrieving Files and File Details

Learning how to get files and file details from the file system is a basic data management skill:

  1. To access a specific file or directory within the file system, retrieve a file handle using the resolve() method of the FileSystemManager interface:

    webapis.filesystem.resolve('documents', onResolveSuccess, onResolveError, 'r');

    The File object is returned in the success event handler.

  2. To retrieve a list of all the files and their directories located in a specified directory, use the listFiles() method of the File object:

    function onResolveSuccess(dir)
       dir.listFiles(onsuccess, onerror);

    The method returns an array of File objects.

  3. To retrieve the file URI, use the toURI() method:

    function onsuccess(files) 
       for (var i = 0; i < files.length; i++) 
          /* Display the file name and URL */
          console.log("File name is " + files[i].name + "and URL is " + files[i].toURI());
  4. To retrieve the file content as a DOMString, use the readAsText() method.

    The encoding input parameter of the method defines the format in which the file content is returned.

          if (files[i].isDirectory == false) 
             files[i].readAsText(function(str) {console.log("File content: " + str);}, "UTF-8");