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Getting Address Books

To create engaging applications with various contacts features, you must learn to access the address books in which the contacts are listed:

  1. To get the default address book, use the getDefaultAddressBook() method of the ContactManager interface to retrieve the default address book as an AddressBook object:

    var myAddressbook;
    /* Get the default address book */
    myAddressbook =;
  2. To get all available address books, use the getAddressBooks() method. This method returns an array of AddressBook objects to the success event handler.

    var addressBook;
    function addressBooksCB(addressBooks) 
       if (addressBooks.length > 0)
       addressBook = addressBooks[0];
       console.log("The addressbook type is " + addressbook.type 
                   + " and name " +;
    /* Get the list of available address books */, errorCallback);
  3. All available address books on the device are retrieved. You can use an AddressBook object name to select a specific address book from the array with the getAddressBook() method.