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Calendar: Managing Events and Tasks

Samsung Web API enables you to manage your schedule and to group related events and tasks using the Calendar API.

A calendar is a collection of events or tasks, depending upon the calendar type. Each event or task has a series of attributes, such as purpose, starting time, and duration.

Due to time zone and daylight saving time, an for ‘today’can actually occur in the past or in the future.

The events and tasks are identified using the CalendarItemId typedef, which is either a CalendarTaskId (for tasks) or CalendarEventId (for events). In recurring events, the CalendarEventId contains a recurrence ID (rid) in addition to the actual event ID, to separately identify each occurrence of the recurring event.

The Calendar API uses the TZDate object of the Time API and not the standard Javascript Date object to handle difficult issues related to the time zone, because the TZDate object handles exact time and provides various utility methods.

The main features of the Calendar API include: