Daily Step Count Trend

The daily step count trend is a custom data type provided by Samsung Health. It gives summarized step count data for a day.

Samsung Health creates a new data for step count summary about 00:00:00 UTC every day into step_daily_trend and updates it every minute before the next day with consideration of the source type, which is the kind of data sources that provide step count.

If you need real-time step count data of the local device installed Samsung Health, use HealthConstants.StepCount.

Data Type Name

Its data type name is:


Data Permission

You need to acquire data permission for this data type to read data.
See Permission Manager and request data permission.

Use its data type name to add its permission to manifest.

     <meta-data android:name="com.samsung.android.health.permission.read"

Source Type

It's a common case that the user has a phone device and an accessory like Gear S2. The user's phone device and accessory are step count's data sources.
Reading step count data with HealthConstants.StepCount cannot cover available scenarios with multiple data sources. Because the phone device and accessory can provides step count data at the same time or not depending on how many devices are carried by the user.

Samsung Health collects the user's step count data from various source devices if the user links accessories to Samsung Health, and also retrieves data from Partner apps.
The local device, linked accessories and partner apps that provide step count are data sources of daily step count trend.

source_type is a very useful property to get the user's valid step count easily when you need to consider many data sources. It indicates the kind of data sources like partner apps, or wearable accessories like Gear series.

If you set the source type with -2 and read the daily step count trend, the result gives the user's effective step count for all data sources without the duplicated count between devices and apps.

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